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Auto-Discharge Batch Type Carrot Frying Machine

Automatic Discharge Type Carrot Frying Machine is used to frying carrot chips or carrot fries automatically. It has the function of automatic discharge. After frying, the material ...
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Automatic Discharge Type Carrot Frying Machine is used to frying carrot chips or carrot fries automatically. It has the function of automatic discharge. After frying, the material can automatically pull out from the fryer. This fryer is widely used in food snack frying process factory, restaurant, hotel, etc. It applies to fry potato chips, banana chips, meat pie, chicken drumstick, chicken cutlet, fish cutlet, fish, shrimp French fries, peanut, vegetables, etc.  We can provide electric heating auto-discharge frying machine, natural gas heating auto-discharge frying machine, diesel fired auto-discharge frying machine.



Advantage Feature of Automatic Discharging Frying Machine

  1. Romiter Frying Machine adopts the newest and advanced technology, it can save 50% energy, 40% oil and gas than a common fryer.
  2. Romiter Frying Machine“water-oil separator” which can keep the oil clean and continuous working. The oil and water temperature can be controlled automatically
  3. Romiter Frying Machine can fry all kinds of foods without the Taint of odor. No oil smoke, this can ensure the health of the operator.
  4. Romiter Frying Machine is with characteristics of controlling the temperature automatically, even heating can keep a stable temperature and the nutrition of frying foods. Easy operation, one person can operate it.
  5. Romiter Frying Machine is made of 304 stainless steel materials, with long service life and can reach the hygiene standard.

Specification of Automatic Discharging Frying Machine

Model Heating Power Dimension Weight Type
RM-FR1200A Electricity/Gas 27kw 1600*1050*1200 210kg Automatic discharging
RM-FR1500A Electricity/Gas 40kw 1900*1050*1200 230kg Automatic discharging
RM-FR2000A Electricity/Gas 54kw 2350*1050*1200 280kg Automatic discharging
RM-FR1200Y Electricity/Gas 63kw 1660*1490*1500 500kg Automatic discharging
RM-FR1500Y Electricity/Gas 79kw 1680*2050*1500 580kg Automatic discharging

Company Profile

Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market leading designer and a manufacturer of Carrot Processing Machine with 20 years’experience. In the past 20 years, we focused on researching and designing the machinery which could process the carrot into different types. Romiter Carrot Processing Machine meat Europe Quality Requirement. with CE Certification

Romiter Carrot Processing Machine are widely sold all over the world. Now, our main product include Carrot Washing Peeling Machine, Carrot Size Sorting MachineCarrot Chip Cutting Machine, Carrot Stick Cutting Machine, Carrot Cube Shape Cutting Machine, Carrot Juicer Machine, Carrot Dryer Machine, Carrot Fries Making Machine, Dehydrated Carrot Chip Making Machine, Carrot Bag Dosing Packing Machine, Carrot Harvester Machine and other carrot-related machine.


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